Quito´s San Francisco Church and convent is one of the biggest convent in Quito Ecuador and Latin america, El Carmen Alto and San Agustin churches are another sacred jewels in Quito´s crown of architectonic treasures. Read more to understand which temples, churches and museums will visit to understand the Quito UNESCO Heritage.

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San Francisco Church & Convent in Quito

San Francisco is the greatest architectonic jewel of the cities of Latin America. It is located in the intersection of the Benalcazar, Bolívar, Sucre and Cuenca streets right in Quito's downtown. The construction of this church is marked with a frightening legend, if it you want to discover it, visit the following link: The Vestibule of San Francisco

Its construction began in 1536, in lands bordering the place where the native Indians used to barter their products. The work was in charge of the Franciscan Priest Jodoco Rique. The church's construction was finished in 1580; it is the harmonious result of several artistic influences as the baroque. The Franciscan Order was the first to settle in Quito.

Some of the major attractions of San Francisco are: its main altar, the lateral chapels and the pulpit, they are of an outstanding beauty. In the main altar there is the image of the Virgin of Quito, carved by Bernardo de Legarda, main emblem of the Quito's art in la Escuela Quiteña.

Carmen Alto church and convent Quito

The convent of Carmen Alto, also known as "Carmen de San José de Quito", is in the streets Rocafuerte and Garcia Moreno. It was funded the 4th of February of 1653, and it is manage by the rigorous Carmelite Order.

The design belongs to the Jesuit architect Marcos Guerra; its building took five years. The Carmelite nuns who live in the temple sells: honey, wine and herbs, products are available for all the public.

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The products are given through a rotating wood winch, which gives to the public room of the place.

San Agustín Church & Museum

It was built in 1573 by the religious Order of San Augustine. The church is located between the streets Guayaquil and Chile. In 1868 the temple suffered damages in its architectonic structure because of an earthquake, it was reconstructed in 1880.

In its top Saint Augustine's church, has a tower of 37 meters of height, with a statue of Saint Augustine, which measures 3 meters. The church counts with an extremely beautiful choir and narthex (place of the new born). Gigantic paintings about Saint Augustine's life by Miguel de Santiago, decorate this church. These paintings have a great historical value.

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The Convent of Carmen Bajo

This convent was funded in the city of Latacunga in 1669, with the name of "Carmen of the Holy Trinity of Latacunga". In 1698, a violent earthquake destroyed the temple, and it was transferred to Quito, where its construction finalized in 1745. At the moment it is located, next to the Cathedral in Quito's downtown. The Carmelita's nuns live in this convent; they own a religious and cultural patrimony of great value.

The Church of "El Sagrario"

During the Colony, the church of "El Sagrario" constituted one of the greater architectonic treasures of Quito. It is located next to the Cathedral, for that reason it was called "La Catedralilla", that means (small Cathedral).

Its design was inspired in the Italian Renaissance; it was built at the end of XVII century. It is famous for its sculptures and details. The famous artist Bernardo de Legarda constructed it.

Saint Catherine's Church

The convent of Saint Catherine was funded on 1594, under the shelter of the religious Order of Santo Domingo. Now a days, the nuns who live in the convent sell: lotions, honey and herbs, which are handled through a wood winch that separates the nuns of the people who buy their products.

Santo Domingo's Temple

It was built in XVI century. This temple is full of precious structures, like the new gothic main altar of XIX century, made by Italians Dominicans. The ceiling of the church, with its "mudéjar" style is decorated with paintings of martyrs of the Order of Santo Domingo.
The cover of the central dome is a baroque jewel of XVIII century, a real treasure for Quito's architecture.

Monday to Saturday: 6h00 - 12h00 / 16h00 - 19h30
Sunday: 6h00 - 13h00 / 17h00 - 19h00

"El Tejar" Convent

It is hidden between the hills of San Juan and El Placer. This convent was constructed in the middle of XVIII century by Fray Francisco de Jesus Bolaños. It is a real architectonic jewel; all its details and façades were delightfully design. Light plays a very important role its architecture. You can't lose the opportunity of discovering this very beautiful place.

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