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Getquitoecuador is more than a web page; it is a marketing platform for the city of Quito, which its main objective is to get positioning in the tourist market as Quito a tourist destiny. The website is designed to be easy to use and understand with quick access lo maps, hotels, restaurant and other useful tourist information about Quito.

The advantages that Getquitoecuador offers are:

  • Up to date information about Quito
  • Interactive maps of attractions and trips
  • Information about history, health, emergencies, etc.
  • Information about lodging facilities, tours in and outside Quito.
  • An online newscast with useful information for the tourist.
    Trip advices
  • An online guide connected to the web for 12 hours a day to give any advice to the tourist with no extra charge.
  • Accurate Information of how visit the city
For the advertiser the advantages that the site offers are:
  • High visibility advertising
  • Low cost advertising for brand positioning and last minute deals.
  • The announcers are the owners of the hotels, cruises or tour operators that are specialized these will guaranty the quality of the tourist offer.
  • No commissions charge in any reserve generated by the website.
Getquitoecuador is how we said above a tourist marketing platform and not another web page about Quito, and that's why it is not our business to make advertisement of our own tours, our goal is to approach the tourist or passenger to the owner of the hospitality, food and beverage service and to the specialized tour operator.

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