How to take a Bus in Quito, how to rent a car in Quito, and how to drive a car in Quito, are some of the question you got when you are at Quito Ecuador. Read this practical guide to Quito Ecuador driving, bus services and take a taxi to move around

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An excellent way to see Quito and the rest of Ecuador at your own pace and without hassles is through renting vehicles, taxis or even limousines. In transportation, Quito offers you several options. It's up to you to take advantage of them and choose the one that's most convenient for you.

Let us remind you that the transit laws in Quito and in the rest of the country are strict and therefore you should not forget to have your driver's license and vehicle registration on hand at all times.

A driver's license from any country is valid in Ecuador for three months after your entry into the country. To verify this date the police my ask to see your passport with entry stamp. An international driver's license can also be used.

You can get an international driver's license in the Automotive Club of Ecuador (ANETA), which is located at Eloy Alfaro 218 and Berlin (telephone: 250-4961).

Remember that road conditions, especially outside Quito, can be hazardous and primitive.

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You will also notice right away that Ecuadorian drivers drive fast and take risks. Give yourself time to practice and get comfortable with things like traffic circles and the flow of traffic. If you remember to drive legally and safely, you are definitely ready to start your trip!

Renting Cars in Quito

*Remember to always buckle up and to check the oil, water and fluid levels in your rental car, as well as the tire pressure.


Mariscal Sucre Airport



Mariscal Sucre Airport



Mariscal Sucre Airport



Mariscal Sucre Airport



Mariscal Sucre Airport


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Taxis in Quito

Taxis are a very convenient and inexpensive way to get around Quito. They can be flagged down on any street by holding out and waving your hand, but calling for a cab from one of the companies below ensure better service.

The minimum fare is $.80 during the day and $1.00 at night. Every driver should have a taximeter to add up the fare. If not, you are free to choose another cab. As reference, a fare from the Airport to the Mariscal Sucre district costs about $3.50. Many drivers do not use their meters at night, in which case you should settle on a fare before getting into the taxi.

Fares are higher as the night gets later. It is customary to bargain somewhat.

Cooperativa JJ


City Taxi


Ready Phone






Taxi Amigo


Urgent Taxi


Executive Transport in Quito

For a special occasion, or simply because you want to, you can rent a deluxe vehicle for stylish and elegant transportation around the city.

De Lujo (Mercedes Benz, with driver)



Classic Limousine

Av. Atahualpa 583 y 10 de Agosto.



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