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Quito Maps, here you will find useful maps to get located in Quito. Use this maps to reach specific locations into Quito Downtown, Quito La Mariscal Tourist area, and specially for bus transport services as Trole, Ecovia and Metrobus.

Is very important to get some specific points of location, follow the following advices to understand where are you in the city.

Quito North - South movements tips
1. The Airport is located in the north of the city.
2. The downton historic "center" of Quito, is located in the south - center of the Quito.
3. All the big business, best malls, Quito hotels and services are in the Carolina Park area, so to reach this area you must have to move in buses who follows the Amazonas Ave. and Los Shyris Ave.
4. The main tourist area where you find luxury and cheap hotels, bars, discos and handicraft stores are located in the Mariscal area. All the buses who use the Amazonas Ave. and Juan Leon Mera St. are the best to move along this area.

Quito East - West movements tips
To move from west to east and viceversa is very important to understand this:
1. The East is where the sunrise comes, you will see 3 big mountains at the east, Cotacachi volcano, Cayambe Volcano and Antisana volcano, at the southeast you will see the magnificent Cotopaxi & Sincholagua Volcanoes.
2. The distance between east and west main avenues, Eloy Alfaro Ave. and America Ave. respectivly, are just 3 kilometers, so use the Colon, Orellana, Republica, Gaspar de Villaroel, and Patria Avenue to move in the tourist area and business area.
3. The best served avenue in this way is Colon Ave. with a lot of bus lines crossing side to side.
4. Finally is better to use cabs in this way to move more faster or walk, please don't walk passed 8h00.

Always is a good idea to make the Pichincha Volcano your location icon, the city cross paralel to the volcano lowlands, so try to use the airport and the volcano, in order to identify the north of the Quito city.

Metrobus Quito Stations Map
Quito Metrobus Map

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