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Like any big city, Quito is a place where emergencies and accidents may happen. In case of an emergency, the following phone numbers can be of great importance.
  • Police, Patrol Center and radio watch, dial: 101.
  • Paramedics, dial: 911.
  • Red Cross (medical services in any place and situation), dial: 131.
  • Fire Department, dial: 102.
  • Telephone Information dial: 104.
  • International Airport Mariscal Sucre: 2440080.
  • Terminal Terrestre: 2289047.
  • Banco Central de Ecuador: (593-2) 257-2780.
  • Biblioteca Municipal: (593-2) 295-0272.
  • Biblioteca Nacional: (593-2) 252-8840
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These are important phone numbers for the traveler to consider writing down. Do contact the police if an assault, rape or other serious crimes take place; don't bother contacting them after simple pick pocketing. If you are in the Mariscal area, go to Roca and Reina Victoria Tourist Police HQ, or call 254 3983.

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Be careful in some bars with pool players, because there are some gangs that will generate a fight with the other player and attack him when he goes outside the bar.

Always be careful in the Trole, Ecovia and Metrobus buses and around Terminal Terrestre. Always use taxis at night and don't walk in city parks at evening or in quiet hours (11h00 to 14h00) if you want to practice a short jogging always do it in the Carolina or Metropolitan park with a friend or some other local joggers. © 2009 Posicionamiento Web Ecuador
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