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Galapagos Hotels

Here is a short list of Galapagos Islands hotels, we find the official websites for each Galapagos hotel listed below, to make your Galapagos Tour planning more easier, visit them and find the right one for your Galapagos vacations and tours.

Finch Bay Galapagos Eco Hotel

Finch Bay Galapagos Eco Hotel  official website
The charming Finch Bay - named after the famous Darwin's Finches abundant in the surroundings - is just steps from the beach on a private seaside location, surrounded by mangroves. Here guests can cherish the privacy, natural surroundings and superb service offered by the Finch Bay
Finch Bay Galapagos Eco Hotel

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Hotel Galapagos

Hotel Galapagos Official website
Since 1961 Hotel Galapagos welcomes you to comfort in the wilderness. They have fourteen rooms on the ocean shore in five acres (20,000 mts.) of natural gardens.
Hotel Galapagos

Red Mangrove Inn

Red Mangrove Inn Galapagos Hotel official website
The Red Mangrove Inn is one of the unique places on earth where beauty, tranquility and ambiance merge.
Red Mangrove Galapagos Hotel

Royal Palm Galapagos Hotel

Royal Palm Galapagos Hotel official website
The Royal Palm is a unique secluded hide-a-way nestled is the lush highlands of Santa Cruz island in the heart of the Galapagos. It is a exclusive, spacious and tastefully designed hotel
Royal Palm Galapagos Hotel

Hotel Silberstein

Hotel Silberstein Galapagos
The Evolution is a 192 ft /58.5 m. L.O.A. Cruise Ship that accommodates up to 32 passengers in 16 cabins, single or twin. She offers a mix of beautifully furnished salons, open decks and private areas for those looking for a close experience with the surrounding environment in your Galapagos island trip
Hotel Silberstein Galapagos

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