Mindo Cloud Forest lodges, Mindo is just 1 hour away from Quito in the Choco Andes region, select a Mindo Cloud forest lodge to discover Mindo's cloud forest treasures.

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Mindo Cloud forest lodges

Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge at Mindo

Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve, deep in the heart of the cloud forest, where clouds and trees blend in a tapestry of mystery and magic, discover a protected reserve with an overwhelming profusion of life. It's a place for adventure, relaxation and deep contact with nature, home to hundreds of species of plants, birds and other animals. Immerse yourself in this natural sanctuary in the company of those who have dedicated their lives to conserve this unique place.
Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge

El Monte Cloud Forest Eco lodge at Mindo

Visit El Monte and feel the lushness of Tropical Cloud Forest!!! Stay in private riverside cabañas and see firsthand the moss covered trees, crystal clear streams, spectacular orchids, exotic birds!!! Awaken to the symphony of forest noises... hear the sounds and try to imagine the source. Experience Cloud Forest with all your senses, a forest not widely known by name but could be described as the Garden of Eden or Paradise Found.
El Monte Cloud Forest Sustainable Lodge
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Maquipucuna Biological Reserve

Maquipucuna Reserve at Cloud Forest near Mindo
The Maquipucuna Reserve is a 6,000-hectare privately owned and managed nature reserve, surrounded by 14,000 hectares of “protected forest.” Eighty percent of Maquipucuna consists of steeply-sloped, undisturbed cloud forest

Sachatamia Reserve

Sachatamia lodge in Mindo Cloudforest
Sachatamia is a private, sub-tropical ecological reserve adjacent to the Protected Forest of Mindo Nambillo. Renowned for possessing a wealth of biodiversity, it occupies first place internationally as a habitat for bird species. Crystalline rivers, nature paths, pure air, gourmet cuisine and an elegant rustic refuge provide an escape from the stress of urban life.
  Sachatamia Lodge

Sapos y Ranas

The lodge is called "Sapos & Ranas" by the incredible collection of frogs and toads pieces in the lodge. The collection compose with two thousand pieces made it in different materials a bring here from almost fifty countries, creating a cozy and natural lode in the low lands of Andes cloudforest.
Sapos y Ranas Lodge and Botanic Garden

Urcu Puyujunda Cloud Forest Eco Volunteer lodge

It's a small ecological reserve privately owned and managed and was created for the preservation of the Cloud Forest. It offers both national and international visitors a great chance to observe and preserve the amazing ecosystem that the Cloud Forest represents. There are trails that you can hike of varying length and difficulty from which you can observe rivers, waterfalls and the native forest, characterized by outstanding levels of biodiversity and endemism.
Urcu Puyujunda Cloud forest Lodge at Mindo
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