Cochasqui pre inca archeological site, Cochasqui was part of major network of Quito or "middle earth" astronomic sites around Quito city, Cochasqui is located 45 minutes from Quito. Cochasqui worked as a ceremonial temple and astronomic center for the moon and sun gods.

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Cochasqui Pre Inca Astronomic Observatory and ceremonial center


Pichincha, few kilometers from Tabacundo, northern province

It is located in the Pedro Moncayo district, in a very irregular land surrounded by mountains. The Mojanda Lagoons are located 15 km away from the ruins. In Cochasqui we can find 15 pyramids or tolas, nine of those have an access ramp. The pyramids are surrounded by 21 funerary mounds.

There are many different theories about the functionality of the Cochasqui pyramids. One says that Cochasqui was a religious center; other says that Cochasqui was a very important astronomical observatory for the culture Quitu-Cara.

The Cochasqui Pyramids where built of a volcanic material named cangahua , which has an incredible resistance. Cochasqui is a place that shows the pre-hispanic architecture from the years of 500 to 1500 a.C., and has two periods of development Cochasqui I 950 - 1250 a.C. and Cochasqui II 1250 - 1550 a.C.

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The ruins have an archaeological museum, two ethnographical museums, an ethno botanic garden a museum with musical instruments, weapons and games.

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After the archeological, geological, anthropological, historical, architectonical and ethnographical studies it has been determined it's historic value, naming it a National Patrimony under the recognition of the UNESCO.

Cochasqui is covered by kuicuyo (highlands grass) and in its surrounding we can find animals such as lamas, domestic animals, foxes, wolves, rabbits, doves, condors, eagles and sometimes pumas.

Cochasqui has a very open schedule of visits from 8h00 am to 16h00 from Mon to Fri and from 8h00 to 17h00 from Sat to Sun. The entrance fee for non ecuadorian visitor is about 3 USD per visitor.

The Cochasqui archeological and ceremonial site is located almost 3 Km from the main Panamericana highway, so is better if you get a private transport or a tour operator to reach it.

If you decide to go by yourself, take a bus to Otavalo, in the Occidental Ave. or 10 de Agosto Ave. and tell the driver to leave you and your companions at the Cochasqui complex entrance after the "Panavial peaje" in Tabacundo, in the easy way, down from the bus at Cochasqui complex entrance way located 100 meters more or less from the Tabacundo Panavial "Peaje". Then try to make hitchiking and get a ride to the complex. We strong reccomend to go with at least 3 or 4 friends to make you more secure. Also check our outside Quito bus guide with guide directory of companies © 2009 Posicionamiento Web Ecuador
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