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Quito Ecuador Cultural Centers

Metropolitan Cultural Center at Quito historic center

Quito for being Mankind World Heritage, has many art and educational centers such as dancing, theater, acting and more. All of these are open for the public who wants to enjoy these spectacles.

I you are interested to be informed about all these events, we suggest you to contact these organizations and ask them to include you in their weekly mailing lists. The cost of these events varies between $ 5.00 up to $ 20.00, all it depends on the type of event and the artist. You can also take courses from intensive, regular or just on weekends. So enjoy the cultural life of Quito being part of it!

Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana

It offers permanent workshops of music, painting, theater and different events each week. We also recommend its Movie Theater that shows excellent films form Latin-American and the rest of the world.
Teatro Nacional & Agora
Ave. 6 de Diciembre & Patria
Phone: (02) 2 222 876/ 2 221 576/ 2 220 966

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Teatro Malayerba

It's one of the most prestigious acting schools from Ecuador, each year they start a new cycle of courses. Their theatrical releases are the proof of its excellence.
Sodiro 345 & Ave. 6 de Diciembre next to El Belen church
Phone: (02) 2 235 463

Teatro Bolivar

The Foundation Teatro Bolivar has a busy cultural schedule since 1999, year which the Theater was destroyed because of a fire. Musical, theatrical and dancing presentations are organized frequently with the objective to raise founds to help in the reconstruction of this prestigious theatre of Quito.
Espejo 847 & Guayaquil
Phone: (02) 2 282 761
Website: www.teatrobolivar.org
Email: clubdeamigos@teatrobolivar.org

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Casa de la Musica

This is a new project inspired by a German refugee immigrant. Its architectonic space was design for the best acoustic possible. This is an ideal place for music shows.
Ave. Mariana de Jesús & Valderrama
Phone: (09) 9 780 719

Teatro Nacional Sucre

Since its reopening artists such as Antonio Carreras, Le Luthiers and Joan Manuel Serrat have offered shows. Dance, theater and symphonic music of the highest quality have been always on scenery.
Flores y Manabí (Plaza del Teatro)
Phone: 2572 823 / 2280 982 / 2570 299
Email  informesventas@teatrosucre.com

Cine Ocho y Medio

Ocho y Medio shows excellent cultural and independent films, and also has expositions of art, musical shows and some theatrical releases.
Valladolid N24-353 & Vizcaya
Phone: (02) 2 904 720
Website: www.ochoymedio.net
Email: contactenos@ochoymedio.net


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