Quito, La Mariscal Tourist District, well known as "gringolandia" is the main center for Tours & Hotels in Quito, also you can find a lot of bars, discos, Coffee shops, Handicraft stores and a native handicraft market, La Mariscal Quito Map, read more for information

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La Mariscal Tourist District in Quito


Quito's nightlife takes place mainly in the Mariscal area; "La Mariscal" is located between the Colon and Patria Avenues. In this area you find many different options of entertainment like bars, discos, coffeshops, café nets, restaurants, cultural centers, live music shows and much more.

If you stay in one of the many lodges of the area you will be close to the most touristic area of the North of Quito. If you like to party all night the Mariscal is the right place for you, because the nightlife is very busy.

Popular places in "La Mariscal"

The Papayanet is the most popular and recommended café net in La Mariscal, it is located in the corner of Calama and Juan Leon Mera. If you plan to meet with someone, that's a good place to meet.

Sutra, is one of the most visited coffee bars, it has an extravagant decoration, good music and fine alcoholic beverages and snacks.

La Cigarra, it's a fine liquor store very popular where the youngsters meet and buy some drinks for their parties.

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Normally the police surround this area just to keep people from drinking on the street.

The Presidents Plaza and Plaza Foch, these are two recently inaugurated plazas with a nice illumination and were normally music shows are organized continuously.

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Bars & Discos in Quito

Music genres like salsa, techno, reggaeton, ska, electronic music and pop music are heard in every bar in La Mariscal. The "farra" (party) in Quito starts between 10:30 - 11:00 and it goes until 3:00 in the morning but in some place you can stay until dawn. The cost or cover for any bar is around $4.00, but mostly it depends on the promotions and services that the bar offers.

It is recommended to be always in company, don't accept any drinks from strangers just as a safety measure and check if the bar has emergency systems. Don't forget to visit our directory of Bars & Discos in Quito .

Coffee Shops in Quito

There are different kinds of coffee shops around La Mariscal, like traditional, modern, with live music shows and more. The decoration and ambiance make these coffee shops an ideal place to enjoy a calm night in Quito with the company of friends. To know which coffee shops are in La Mariscal visit Quito Coffee Shops.

Internet Coffees in Quito

In La Mariscal you can find many cafenets, that will offer you a fast way to communicate with your love ones. You can find services such as international phone calls, fax, net2phone, e-mail and a cafeteria. The cost for the service of internet is around $1.00 per hour. To see a complete directory of cafenets visit internet coffees in Quito.

Restaurants in Quito

La Mariscal has a wide variety of restaurants from national and international, with different services. Don't forget that in every restaurant in Quito they charge an extra 22% in taxes and service. Check out the complete restaurant directory in Quito Restaurant directory.


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