Handicraft stores and indians markets in Quito Ecuador, visit the Handicraft market in La mariscal and handicraft popular stores in the Ejido Park, always the handicraft sellers are open to rebate prices, read the complete buying guide about ecuador handicrafts

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Handicraft Stores in Quito


Ecuador is a country of many cultures coexisting together. In Quito, this characteristic can be appreciated along the streets and in the faces of the people.

Examples of this biodiversity in culture are the crafts. All kinds of crafts, like: dolls, wall hangings, paintings, decorations, earrings, necklaces, purses, boots, pipes, hats, etc. made from wood, tagua, alpaca, bronze, silver or wool.

The sales of handicrafts are done by 2 methods: informal sales "on the streets" and in shopping centers or stores.

The informal sales are cheaper and you have the opportunity to haggle with the price. They are located throughout the city, especially along the Amazonas Avenue. There are also places where street vendors gather to sell, like the Mercado Artesanal Metropolitano , ( Metropolitan Artisan Market) on Juan Leon Mera St., near Amazonas Ave. You can also find vendors in the park of El Ejido.

There are also local shopping centers that specialize in the sale of handicrafts and can be found throughout the city, in commercial centers or at the Equatorial Line.

It is more expensive to buy in these specialized commercial centers than on the streets. The quality does not vary much but the price does. On the street the prices go from a few cents for cloth bracelets, 5 dollars for a tagua massager or 12 dollars for a Panama hat.

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The most expensive articles are leather goods (around 30 dollars) and archaeological pieces (approximately 20 dollars).

In addition, the Mercado Artesanal Metropolitano offers the opportunity to get a piercing or African hair braids for 15 dollars (without a silver earring).

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Some specialized handicrafts stores in Quito are:

The Andes Folklore
Juan León Mera 615 & Jerónimo Carrión
Phone: (02) 2 508 189

Basement of the San Francisco Cathedral / San Francisco Plaza
Phone: (02) 2 954 326

The Ethnic Shop
Amazonas N2163 & Robles
Phone: (02) 2 500 155

Fundación Guayasamín
José Bosmediano 543 (Sector Bellavista)
Phone: (02) 2 454 454

El Aborigen
Jorge Washington 614 & Juan León Mera
Phone: (02) 2 522-768

Wami Artesanías
Amazonas N 32-139 & La Granja
Phone: (02) 2 267 855 / (02) 2 459 907

Mercado Artesanal La Mariscal
Jorge Washington y Juan León Mera
This market offers wall hangings, silver artifacts, Andean musical instruments, leather products and much more.

Centro Cultural Exedra
Carrión 243 & Leonidas Plaza
Phone: (02) 2 224 001 (02) 2 520 347

Olga Fish Artesanía
Colon Ave. E-10-53 & Caamaño
Phone: (02) 2541315
Email: Ecuadorpcano@olgafisch.com
Website: www.olgafisch.com

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