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Travel Clothing & Equipment in Quito


Ecuador is the ideal destination to do adventure tourism. Within the country you can mountain climb in the Andes, rafting and kayaking in the rivers of the Highlands and the Eastern Mountain range, water skiing on the Pacific coasts or in the Galapagos, paraglide or hang glide from the slopes of Pichincha, etc.

Quito, because of its centric location in respect to the rest of the country, is an excellent place to plan these types of trips and organize your trips with the different travel agencies and also acquire necessary equipment.

In order to do trips to the different regions of the country and to practice extreme sports, Quito offers specialized stores of this type to purchase equipment of any kind.

The prices for the implements for these types of activities differ depending on the activity. Prices for specialized equipment are relatively expensive and you need to know the best brands.

Depending on the activity, a set of full equipment for your activity can easily surpass the 100 dollars.

For example, a helmet costs from 24 to 36 dollars, a pair of gloves costs 9 to 29 dollars, cycling suits 36 to 39 dollars, jerseys 36 to 39 dollars, tubes, pumps and patches for a bicycle 14 to 31 dollars.

The best places to buy these items are in the shopping centers of the city. There are also spots in different areas of the city.

A good recommendation to avoid unnecessary expenses is to speak with a tourism agency that promotes these kind of trips.

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Generally, the same agencies rent the equipment or simply know sites where you can get discounts or better prices.

More Quito Information

Antisana Outdoor Sports
C. C. El Bosque, store 51, entrance #1 (bottom floor)
Phone: (02) 2 451 605

Aventura Sports
C.C. Quicentro, local 89 (bottom floor)
Phone: (02) 2 924 373

Camping Sports
Ave. Colón 942 & Reina Victoria
Phone: (02) 2 521 626

Kao Sports
Diego de Almagro & Colón, Edif. Torres de Almagro
Phone: (02) 2 522 266
C.C. El Bosque
Phone: (02) 2 456 070
C.C. Iñaquito
Phone: (02) 2 460 415
C.C. Quicentro
Phone: (02) 2 249 654
C.C. El Recreo
Phone: (02) 2 659 417

Av. Amazonas 897 & Wilson (La Mariscal)
Phone: (02) 2 231 534 / (02) 2 500 530

Tatoo Outdoor
Juan León Mera 820 y Baquedano (La Mariscal)
Phone: (0 2) 2 483 459 / (02) 2 804 333 / (02) 2 804 339

Condor Trek
Reina Victoria 1361 & Cordero
Phone: (02) 2 226 004

Los Alpes
Reina Victoria 2345 & Baquedano
Juan León Mera N23-15 & Veintimilla (La Mariscal)
Phone: (02) 2 232 362

Juan León Mera 1313
Phone: (02) 2 542 345

The Explorer
Direct Importation for mountain climbing, camping y rescue
Phone: (02) 2 504 105/ 2 561 070

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