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Quito has excellent photo opportunities with its spectacular landscapes. Around every corner there is a landscapes or object that deserve a photograph. In addition, it is always nice to save the memories of your visit to Quito with a great number of photos.

Quito has an ample number of places that specialize in photography. Just like crafts stores or restaurants, photo shops are also everywhere in Quito.

Photo shops can be found close to centers of interest around the city. For example, in the Historical Center; throughout the Amazonas Avenue; near the educative centers like universities or in every shopping center.

The main company is Konica. Their stores can be found throughout the city and they are easily visible by its big blue, yellow and red signs. Within their stores (depending on the size) it is possible to develop photographic film, buy cameras and accessories, buy films of different sizes, find batteries for the flash or the camera, buy disposable cameras, print large photographs, etc.

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The price for developing a film of 36 photos is of $8.62; $5,94 for a film of 24 photos and $3.25 dollars for a film of 12 photos.

Kodak Ecuacolor
Ave. Orellana y 6 de Diciembre / Ave. Amazonas 11-47 & Colón (corner)
Phone: (02) 2 506 317 / (02) 2 565 232

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Av. Amazonas 14-29 & Colón
Phone: (02) 2 546 527

Foto Films
Av. Amazonas N253 & Jorge Washington
Phone: (02) 2 238 664

Photoshop Fybeca
Ave. Amazonas & República (corner) - incide the El Jardín Mall , First floor
Phone: (02) 2 980 069

Color Power
Vancouver & Alemania ( corner )
Phonel: (02) 2 568 287

* in the Mariscal area and along the Amazonas Ave., you can find various Kónica centers

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