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The arts that have developed in Quito include theater, music, painting, sculpture and poetry. There are cultural centers throughout Quito. The theaters, concert halls and cafes host events almost daily with every variety of quality entertainment.

Within Quito there are diverse groups and institutions that promote culture. These groups can be a wonderful source of cultural information. Within this section you can acquire tickets and find out information about the different programs.

The groups perform in such locations as the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana (Ecuadoran Cultural Center), located between la 12 de Octubre and la 6 de Diciembre Avenues, in front of El Ejido Park. This institution focuses on the development of the arts and culture of the country.

Within the installations at the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana there are diverse artistic styles represented, and the building includes spaces for theater, dance and music performances.

There is also a movie theater, which shows art films, a bookstore, and in the Arbolito Park, there are art shows and concerts

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The Frente Nacional de Danza (National Dance Group) is located on Río Coca Street, between la 6 de Diciembre and Los Shyris Avenues. The center holds a theater and offers lesson courses in many different forms of dance, from ballet to salsa.

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There are other places where artistic acts are performed in more relaxed environments. These include cafes or groups such as the Alianza Francesa (French Alliance) where there are numerous activities throughout the year.

The prices of the performances are varied and depend upon the quality of the show, where it is performed and the popularity of the artist. Artists from all over the world come to Quito.

A concert may be free or it may cost more than $100. The same is prices are for the theater and the different varieties of dance. Generally, the performances that are connected to a celebration are free. However, the big events, which are promoted for months in advance, are presented in the most well-known and important settings in the city.

In the case of a very popular performance, it's easier to make reservations, which can be done by phone. Some companies and foundations offer packages that include the entrance and extra benefits, which can lower the price of the tickets.

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