Quito Historic Dowtown Restaurants, find high class and gourmet restaurants into Quito Historic center, like Theatrum, Mea Culpa, Tianguez, Cueva del Oso and other Quito restaurants.

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Quito Restaurants at Quito Historic Center


Quito Historic Center restaurants are a new and very fine option to eat at Quito restaurants. This Quito restaurants open in the last ten or less years by the support of Quito government and the private idea to returno to the "Centro" as is known by the "quiteños" the ancient Quito´s dowtown.

This a very nice place to eat, in companion of architechtonic treasures and unforgetable lights game at the main Quito´s Churches and convents.

Restaurants as Rincon de Cantuña, Tianguez, Cueva del Oso (Bear´s cave), Hasta la Vuelta señor are more focused in Ecuadorian food recipes like locro de papas (potato soup), fritada (pieces of pig meat fried with potatoes), Mote a delicious corn cooked with salt and other espectacular Ecuadorian food recipes. Feel free to try different Ecuadorian food recipes to get the country flavour.

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Theatrum, El Patio Trattoria, El Buho and other restaurants are more likely for the international cuisine, both kind of restaurants are not cheap and be prepare to pay from 4 USD until 35 USD for a tasting menu. The price is very nice if you realize that is a new "tasting" experience and also surrounded with arquitectonic and art treasures of Quito Ecuador Historic Center.
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Theatrum offers an extraordinary menu of the vanguard Mediterranean cuisine, where seafood, fish, meat, birds and ducks combine with fine aromatic herbs and local and imported ingredients. Quito Theatrum Restaurant & Wine Bar is located in Quito's Historic Center on the second floor of the National Theater (Teatro Nacional Sucre) in Manabi street between Guayaquil and Flores. Hours: Monday to Friday & Sundays 12:30 pm to 4 pm and 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm Saturday 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm Tel: 593-02-257011 / 02-2289669 / Mobile: 09 972 1652

Rincon de Cantuna
Rincon de Cantuna restaurant is located inside the Hotel Patio Andaluz and invites you to enjoy their delicious breakfast, lunches, coffe and dinners in their luxurius main yard where centuries behind Crnel. Don Timoleo Tiburcio Flores Jijon used to celebrate great meals in honor of his brother and president of the Republic Don Antonio Flores Jijon.
You can enjoy your meal in a typical colonial environment. Tipical ecuadorina food, Spanish and moder European food are available here.

Address: Av. Garcia Moreno n6-53, between Olmedo and Mejia
Phone Number: 2280830

Maria Augusta Urrutia Museum – Restaurant
All the magic between this ancient house has been keeped four your enjoy. It is an excellent example of post colonial architecture from XIX century. It owns an incredible art collection and daily used objects, which belonged to Maria Augusta Urrutia.
In the restaurant you may enjoy the most exquisite variety of national and international food with recepies created by Maria Augusta Urrutia herself .

Address: Av. Garcia Moreno 760, between Sucre and Bolivar.
Phone Number: 2580103

El Tianguez. San Francisco Square
Imagine your self having dinner in the same exact place where the biggest Tianguez or local Indian market of south America took place hundreds of years ago and where many revolutions, important meetings and popular parties where celebrated. El Tianguez
restaurant is located on San Francisco Square, this place is considerate as the heart of the prehispanic city and main axis for the original building of the city almost 500 years ago.
You may enjoy typical dishes surrounded by a friendly environment.

Address: San Francisco Square
Phono Number: 2954326

Cueva del Oso. Independence Square
La Cueva del Oso has been an important part of quito’s personality. In the colonial time, this place was a point of reunion for the most bohemians characters of that time. Here is were the “sal quitena” ( citizens of Quito personality) was created. It is possible to enjoy your meal while you are listen to Pasillos o Pascalles the most traditional music in town. A variety of drinks, meals and cocktails are available.

Address: Chile Oe3-66 and Venezuela.
Phone Number: 2583826

Mea Culpa
In the inner parts of the Arzobizpal Palace we find Mea Culpa restaurant. It is a building built in the beginnings of the XVIII century. You can enjoy its luxurious dinning rooms and balconies all decorated with fine art and wood hand worked details.
Taste a bit of the history of Quito in Mea culpa. You will find National and international food and specialties of Mediterranean food.

Address: Chile and Venezuela
Phone number: 2951190

El Buho Metropolitan Cultural Centrer
In the same building where once operated the Lima Royal Headquartes in the XVII century and afterwards as important Universities in Quito and now as the Metropolitan Culture Centre is located El Buho restaurant where you will have the opportunity to taste the expression and the flavor of its food.
You may visit the museum with paintings and sculptures from XVII and XVIII centuries, the exposition of the first printing machines in the city, wax museum and presentation of the most important artist in latinamerica.
Address: Garcia Moreno and Pasaje Espejo.
Phone number: 2289877

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