The Metropolitan Quito Park is one the biggest natural Parks in Latinamerica, is the ideal place for jogging, and to enjoy the Quito blue sky and fresh air to release stress. Quito's Metropolitan park is a unique place for mountain biking practice and hiking, information how to get there and services you can find here.

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Quito Metropolitan Park


The Metropolitan Park is considered one of Quito main lungs. Located in the North side of the Metropolitan District of Quito, it borders de streets Guanguiltagua, Arroyo Delagado and Analuisa. It has an area of 580 hectares located at an altitude of 2890 meters.

The Metropolitan Park is surrounded by trees and gigantic art works; in the park the visitors could enjoy nature breathing fresh air without leaving the city.

In the park we can find sport courts, walking trails, mountain biking trails, picnic area, barbecue area and restrooms are some of the many services the park has.

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In the Ashintaco gorge, located on the northeast side of the park, it is possible to see more than 10 species of hummingbirds and more than 70 species of birds that are nesting, some of those are in danger of extinction.

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Other places of interest in the Metropolitan Park are several lookout points, the water dam and the village of Ashintaco.

For more information about hikes around the park go to Quito trekking and hiking tours.


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