Quito Parks, Quito has a nice options of parks, the traveler could find the saturdays and sundays the art fair in the Ejido Park, ata Patria Ave. side incredible, The Carolina Park the sports park in Quito, The Machangara linear park, The Metropolitan Park and Itchimbia park at Quito are nice options to take time to relax and enjoy nature and sports.

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Parks in Quito


The recreational parks that are located in Quito, furthermore to offer sporting areas, help to maintain the life quality of the people of Quito. In a polluted city it is important to find green areas in the city to have a source of fresh air.

La Carolina Park in Quito

The Carolina Park is located between the Avenues Shyris, Eloy Alfaro, Amazonas and Naciones Unidas. It has an area of 67 hectares; it is one of the biggest parks in Quito, the country and inclusive South America. About its history it is known that the park was born as the municipality of Quito expropriated the land in 1939 from "La Hacienda La Carolina" that was owned by Maria Augusta Barba de Larrea.

During weekdays it receives the usual athletes that enjoy practicing the sport of their preference in a quite and peaceful place. Meanwhile during weekends it receives around 50 000 people which come to practice many different kind of sports.

In La Carolina we find courts of football and basketball, skating, a bike trail across the park, exercising areas, walking trails, boats in a small artificial lagoon are some of the activities you can find in the park.

Pope Jean Paul II had a multitudinous mass during his visit to Ecuador in 1985. To commemorate this visit, it was constructed a gigantic cross in the place were the ceremony took place.
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Football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts
Athletic track
BMX track
Skating track and bike stunts track
Child playground
Exhibition area
Five parking lots
Food marts and small eating-places

Other Attractions into La Carolina Park

Nautical Park
The lagoon located at the southeast side of the park is one of its main attractions. Over there you can enjoy a relaxing float by pedal-boat or a water bike.

Quito's Botanic Garden
In this magnificence garden you could enjoy the great variety of orchids and other species of flora that are found in the slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes. Also there is an area that represents the different Andean sceneries. Its located inside Carolina Park, entering from Shirys Avenue for an small steet who start in the cross of Republica de Salvador Ave. and Shirys Ave. Walk one block to the west seeing Pichincha, the street run beside Mundo Juvenil Museum.

Fantasy Airplane

If you want to enjoy with your children of Child Theater and muppets, visit this airplane. It is located in the center of the park and in there you can find different kind of entertainment for your children.

Ecuadorian Science Nature Museum

This museum was created to learn about the natural richness that is distributed all over Ecuador. The museum has botanic, paleontology and mineral exhibition samples. Beside the museum there is the Dinosaurs Museum, with natural size replicas of some of these creatures and some of those are moving replicas.
Monday -Tuesday 08:00-13:00/ 13:30-16:30
Saturday 10:00-13:00
Sunday 09:30-14:00

Adults $0.40, Foreign $1.00, Students $0.20
Saturday - Sundaye: Free entrance
Phone: (02) 2 449 824 / (02) 2 449 825

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El Ejido Park in Quito

The El Ejido Park is located between the Avenues Patria, 6 de Diciembre, Tarqui and the street Guayaquil. El Ejido sets the division between the old and modern Quito. The former president of Ecuador Eloy Alfaro was incinerated the 28 th of January of 1912 in this park. To commemorate this event it was built a monument in his memory called "la llama eterna" (eternal flame).

In the El Ejido Park we can find 1470 species of plants and trees, such as cholan, aliso, chamburo, palm tree and guabos. During weekends it is possible to buy artworks, jewels, ponchos, sweaters, handicrafts and more.

Every weekend people gather in the park and organize interesting volleyball games that catch the attention of people around. Also you can enjoy watching traditional and popular Ecuadorian games as the "cocos", a very traditional game that consist to take out metal marbles out of a circle drawn over the ground, and you eliminate your rivals with a "pepo" (stroke) to your opponents marble.

La Alameda Park

The Alameda Park is located near the historic center of Quito, between the Gran Colombia Avenue and the streets Sodiro and Guayaquil. It is the oldest park of Quito, known before by the Indians as "chuquihuada" (in Quichua means arrow head). The Alameda Park has an area of 6 hectares.

The Alameda Park has some significant history, where it existed and still exist some places, like the Quito School of Arts and the Astronomic Observatory, built in 1864 during the presidency of Gabriel Garcia Moreno. During the time it was built it was the best equipped observatory in South America, today it still work with the instruments of those days.

In the park we can find trees of important sizes and very old. Botanical scientists have discovered important native species of plants and trees as the acacia, palm tree, cedar, ash-tree, pumamaqui, yaloman, myrtle, eucalyptus and magnolia.

Today visitors come to the park to relax and to spend some time in the small lagoon, navigating a small boat that you can rent. In the park we can also find some photographers that use old cameras to take pictures.

In the south entrance of the park there is the monument of the Liberator of America, Simon Bolivar. It was inaugurated the 24 th of July of 1935.

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