Quito´s la Circasiana Park, was build in the late´s XVIII century and has unique park with magical unicorns around, this one of the variety of theme parks in Quito, enoy it and learn how to relax at Quito park.

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La Circaciana Park in Quito

The Circaciana Park is located in the corner of the avenues 10 de Agosto and Colon. The Circaciana is an old mansion built by the Jijon family and was the first neoclassic mansion built in Quito. Besides the mansion the Jijon family built two other buildings one was the library with 40 000 books and the other one was museum that are still open.

In the late 30's the mansion could be appreciated in its best. The entire house was surrounded by neatly gardens. A great wall and an arc entrance kept stranger off the property.

Today "El Fondo de Salvamento" FONSAL manages the house, which transform the entrance to the house into a really nice park with fantastic unicorn figures.

English park
It is located in the north side of Quito, between the streets achala, Jose Fernández Salvador, Hernan Cortes and Vicente Angulo. Recently is was remodeled and some of the attractions that has are a footpath, bicycle trail, a mountain bike track, sporting courts, eucalyptus trees and an excellent illumination system of different colors..
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Quito Concha Acústica

It is located in the south side of Quito, in the Alonso de Angulo Avenue and Tenorio street. This place is known for the musical concerts of national artists. Each 31 st of December it takes place a great rock concert that takes 12 hours.

El Arbolito Park in Quito

The Arbolito is located in the north side of the city between 6 de Diciembre and 12 de Octubre Avenues, next to the "Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana". It is a green area preferred by people who practice martial arts, yoga and other contact sports. We can also find a gigantic structure in the shape of a sphere, this is the center of attention for children that like to climb it.

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Parque del Niño y de la Mujer (Child and Woman Park) in Quito

This park is located in the Mariana de Jesús Avenue, behind San Gabriel School. This is a new park in Quito with sporting courts, child playgrounds and an educational area for the children and women.

Ecological Trail Chaquiñan in Quito

This Ecological Trail is located in the Tumbaco Valley, between Cumbaya and Puembo and it was built by the corporation "Vida para Quito" and was inaugurated the 11 th of September of 2004. The trail follows the train railroad and through it the visitor could enjoy a great view of the area.

The trail has a historic value, because this was the trail of the railroad between Quito and Guayaquil in the early 19 th century. Between 1918 and 1926 it was concluded the trail between Cumbaya and El Quinche. Today thanks to the municipality this trail was recovered for the benefit of the citizens.

The trail between Cumbaya and Puembo is exclusively just for pedestrians and bicycles. It was also constructed 5 gates a long the 20 km of trail in the areas of Cumbaya, La Viña, La Esperanza, El Chiche and Arrayanes. Also the train stations of Tumbaco and Puembo were remodeled; with that it was made along the trail some reforestation, it was built some lookout points, benches and signalization.

Today this is a free trail open every day and cyclists and pedestrians can use it. To get there you should get to the traffic circle of the San Francisco University and there you can find a detour that will drive you to the starting point of the trail.

Machangara Linear Park in Quito

In order to achieve an ecological zone next to the Machangara River, this linear park was built. With this it was able to recover the area and to decontaminate the Machangara River.

The construction of the park was made by segments. The 5 th segment, located in Cardenal de la Torre, in Chimbacalle, in the south side of the city, it has an extension of 1,2km and an area of 7 hectares.

The park has a bicycle trail, a pedestrian trail, a fountain, a small lake, a metallic bridge, illumination and many different kind of trees. This benefits mostly to every citizen of the Eloy Alfaro County in Quito.

The 6 th segment is located between the Rodrigo de Chavez and Alonso de Angulo Avenues, and has a distance of almost 1 km and an area of 9,4 hectares. In here we can find a bicycle and pedestrian trail, fountains, sporting courts, illumination and trees.

The 7th segment of the Machangara linear park is called Amazonas Park, and it extends from Alonso de Angulo Avenue up to La Internacional Fabric. In this park we find bicycle and pedestrian trails, fountains, illumination, park furniture, restrooms and other.

Río Grande Park in Quito

The Rio Grande Park (Big River Park), has an area of 20 hectares, and it is divided in three zones were there were built different attractions as a bicycle and pedestrian trail, recreational areas, sporting courts, illumination, a labyrinth, sculptures, fountains, restrooms and trees.


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