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Moving to Quito


If you have chosen the city of Quito as your new home, you and your family have many advantages. Quito is a modern city, with many services, security and an incalculable cultural wealth that can be appreciated every day.

In this section, we will help you with important tips like bringing your belongs to Ecuador and where to buy new belongings such as furniture, electronics and a car, also to get a drivers license, how to find a job, how to invest in the country and how to form your own company.

International Shipping of Belongings and Cars to Quito

In Quito there are several companies that will help you bringing your valuables in a timely and safe way. Here is a small list of the most prestigious companies in the country, whom you can contact from your country via email or telephone:

Servientrega World Wide
Ave. 6 de Diciembre & los Cedros
PBX: (02) 2 476 530
Phone: (02) 2 482 694/ 2 805 258

Insa - International Shipping & Storage Co.Ltda.
Ave. Eloy Alfaro y Calle de las Novias
Tel: (02) 2 406 065

Premiun Logistics
Tomás Chariove N47-204 y A. Zambrano
Phone: (02) 2 462 998
Fax: (02) 2 244 225
Mobile: (09) 9 442 427

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Real estate in Quito

Buying a house or an apartment is a profitable and safe investment in Quito. If you wish to rent an apartment or a house, you will also find an ideal place for you.

Hundreds of real estate companies are always building apartment complexes, so you'll have a choice of different locations, tastes and security. Financing can be done through bank loans throughout Quito.

  1. Your advantages: new, modern houses, with security in residential areas of Quito.
  2. The disadvantages: modern houses are generally small and prices are fixed.

If you're looking for a used home, every weekend, you will find apartments and houses for sale in the newspapers. In this case we recommend asking: how old is the construction, reason for selling. If the construction is more than 16 years, ask if the pipes have been changed, if the foundation is solid and always offers less than what they request. If paying cash you receive a discount of up to $8.000. For more information on real estate, see real estate in Quito .

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Schools & Universities in Quito

Being a capital, Quito offers the best primary, secondary and superior education in all of Ecuador. Visit our section on Schools and universities in Quito , for a complete directory of the best institutions in Quito that offer bilingual classes (English, French and German) with international systems of education which is a great opportunity for your children.

Health and Hospitals in Quito

Your safe stay in Quito will not be complete without the optimal medical security you need. The Ministry of Health represented by the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS), provides health services throughout the country. There are also private health services and prepaid services. If you want a private doctor that speaks your language, each embassy has a list of resident doctors in the city that can help. For more information visit, Emergencies and hospitals in Quito

Work visas, Investing and Resident status in Quito

If you're going to work in Ecuador and live in Quito, you will need a work visa. Your employer can help you with the paperwork which the Ministry of Work and the Ministry of Foreign Relations will process.

According to the Law of Foreigners from February 2004, the Categories of Migration are the following:

  1. Retired: to live from savings, or rent or other income received from the exterior.
  2. Investor: Acquisition of real estate or national certificates or Treasury bills there is another similar category to invest in any other branch of the industry.
  3. To work: For administrative, technical or specialized in certain aspects of the company or institution in the country.
  4. Professional: to apply your profession or technical assistance, in accordance with the norms of the Law of Superior Education.
  5. Family Shelter: in case of being a spouse, relative at least in the second degree or have affinity of an Ecuadorian citizen, or a foreign citizen with an immigrant visa of a different category.

Within this same law, the accomplishment of any activity is allowed to foreign immigrants who have a legitimate visa corresponding to any of the previous categories.

There is also an agreement between governments for physical and professional assistance and highly specialized or technical professionals in areas that are necessary for the development of the country, as well as for their relatives.

Non immigrants means that they are here legally, but do not plan on settling down, like diplomats, foreign government employees, displaced military personnel, persecuted for political reasons, students who wish to complete their studies, company professionals or specialist from another country. Also missionaries, volunteers, for religious purposes or people cultural interchange programs. All these cases include the relatives.

Within the work visas, there are two categories: legal person and natural person. In both cases you must fulfill the requirements and fill out a form with basic information and obtain Approval from the Labor Activity and get an Occupational Membership card. You must pay $60 in the Ministry of Work to receive your Occupational Membership card once your request is approved.

Requirements Natural Person

  1. The request form for work and information filled in the official forms given by the National Direction of Employment and Human Resources.
  2. Police Record or equivalent
  3. Photocopy of the passport and certified by who receives it
  4. Two color photos for passport
  5. Updated Certificate, issued by the Supervision of Companies or Banks, showing your obligations to the company or institution that has contracted you. If you are a natural person, you must present your RUC or any document approved by the Ministry.
  6. Work Contract detailing the clauses determined by the National Direction of Employment and Human Resources (worker identification, position, remuneration that will be received, obligation to work solely for the contracting employer, length of the work contract). Legalized by the Inspection of Work.
  7. Certificates that prove your experience
  8. Payment of the Occupational Membership card ($60.00)

Requisites for Legal Person

  1. The request for employment and information, fill out the official forms given by the National Direction of Employment and Human Resources.
  2. Photocopy of the passport and certified by the person who receive them and the visa is valid at least 30 days.
  3. Two color passport photos
  4. Police Record or equivalent
  5. Updated Certificate given by the Supervision of Companies or Banks stating on behalf of the hiring company or institution the obligation of the contract. If you are a natural person, you must present your RUC or any other document allowed by the Ministry.
  6. Certified Copy of the payments to the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security, corresponding to the previous month before submitting the request of Approval of the Labor Activity and Occupational Membership card, having to point out in the observations the nationality and the position of each one of the affiliated employees and must have the signature of responsibility of the company.
  7. A Work Contract where the clauses determined by the National Direction of Employment and Human Resources contain the identification of the worker, position, remuneration that will be received, obligation to work for the single employer that contracted you, the length of the contract and the commitment that you will capacitate 3 Ecuadorians in the contracting company. All has to be legalized by the Inspection of Work.
  8. Agreement of capacitating of Ecuadorian workers who work in the company or institution at the request of the Ministry of Work.
  9. Titles, diplomas or certificates that demonstrate your experience in performing the occupation your being hired for, everything legalized by the Ecuadorian Consul of your country. If documentation is in a language other than Spanish, it must be translated then signed by the translator and authenticated by a Notary, Consul or Civil Judge.
  10. Proof of payment of the species of the OCCUPATIONAL Membership card ($60.00) to renew the Approval of Labor Activity and the Occupational Membership card, and must fulfill all the requirements except for #8 and must be adjoined by the previous occupational membership card.

Note: for both permissions, the Approval of the Labor Activity is the previous requirement to obtain the visa and the occupational membership card. All foreigners must obtain the Occupational Membership card. Any foreign citizen can do the proceeding personally.

For more information and questions on the processes within the Ministry of Work, you can communicate:
Luis Orellana

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