Living or visting Quito, the place to get food are the markets and fairs, as in other places in latinamerica the markets are changing to the supermarket culture, but in Quito a lot of them exists, so take your time to buy the natural products in their environment

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Supermarkets and Traditional Markets in Quito


Ecuador is a rich and productive country where spring is present all year long. Whenever you buy in any city, you have the advantage of buying local products harvested in the soils from the area, cheap and fresh all year long. Quito offers its visitors and locals, markets that date back to pre-Inca times when everybody exchanged their goods. This style of interaction is still alive in the popular markets and fairs in Quito.

If on the other hand you prefer to buy in a supermarket, similar to foreign countries and are open every day of the week and offer all kinds of local and imported products, there are large supermarket chains in Quito , which offer a great variety of high quality products and there is always one close by.

Some general recommendations: check dates for packaged goods, make sure that the packaging hasn't been altered and that the seal hasn't been broken.

In markets and fairs you can haggle, so practice your bartering skills for the best price.

A short advice always go to the market with your owm bag, and small wallets, in order to prevent robbers attack.

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Popular Markets & Fairs in Quito

Almost all the neighborhoods in the Metropolitan District, have a popular local market open 6 days a week from 7:00-17:00 (approximately). Ask your neighbors about your local market. Here is an official listing of some of the traditional markets:

Mercado América
Buenos Aires y Uruguay
Phone: (02) 2 527 959

Mercado Andalucía
Tnte. Gallo y Gonzalo Gallo
Phone: (02) 2 248 933
Hrs: Monday- Thursday, Saturday 7:00-4:00/ Friday, Sunday 7:00-17:00
*Main fair: Saturday

Mercado Arenas
Vargas y Galápagos
Phone: (02) 2 287 258
Hrs: Monday-Saturday 7:00-18:00/ Sunday 13:00
* Main fair: Saturday

Mercado Central
Ave. Pichincha y Esmeraldas

Mercado Central Técnico
Loja y Mariscal Sucre
Phone: (02) 2 280 457


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Mercado Chiriyacu
Andrés Pérez Y Gualberto Pérez
Phone: (02) 2 653 150
Hrs: Monday-Wednesday, Friday-Saturday 7:00-19:00/ Thursday & Sunday 7:00-13:00
* Main fairs: Tuesday & Saturday

Mercado Conocoto
Rocafuerte y Juan Montalvo

Mercado de Cotocollao
Diego de Vázquez y Bellavista
Phone: (02) 2 293 728/ 2 590 217
Hrs: Monday - Sunday 7:00-16:30
* Main fairs: Friday & Saturday 6:00-17:00

Mercado de Cumbaya
Fco. Orellana y Salinas

Mercado La Floresta
Isabel La Católica y Galavís
Phone: (02) 2 235 954

Mercado La Kennedy
Zaldumbide y Pasaje Blas Riveros
Phone: (02) 2 406 930

Mercado Metropolitano La Carolina (Iñaquito)
Iñaquito & Villalengua
Hrs: Monday-Sunday 7:00-17:30
*Main market: Wednesday & Sunday

Mercado de Chimbacalle
Pasochoa y Sangay
Phonel: (02) 2 662 329

Mercado La Magdalena
Cacha y Puruha
Phone: (02) 2 653 925

Mercado de Puembo
25 de Julio y Santiago

Mercado Quito Sur
Benavente y Puembo

Mercado Rumiñahui
Salena y H. Chica
Phone: (02) 2 476 446
Hrs: Mon-Fri 7:00-15:30/ Sat-Sun 7:00-16:30
* Main market: Saturday

Mercado San Francisco
Rocafuerte y Benalcázar
Phone: (02) 2 285 010
Hrs: Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat 7:00-16:40/ Wed 7:00-14:00, Sun 7:00-13:00
* Main markets: Tuesday & Saturday

Mercado de San Juan
Hito y Tapi
Phonel: (02) 2 573 253

Mercado San Roque
Cumandá y Ave. 24 de Mayo
Phone: (02) 2 286 721
Hrs: Mon-Sun 6:00-17:00
*Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Mercado de Santa Clara (Universidad Central)
Versalles & Ramírez Dávalos
Phonel: (02) 2 522 321
Hrs: Mon- Fri 7:00 - 17:00/ Sat 7:00 - 14:00

Mercado Alangasí
Parroquia Alangasí

Mercado Calderón
Ave. 9 de Agosto y Paredes
Tel: (02) 2 670 735

Mercado El Calzado
Campos y Tnte. Ortiz Pasaje 35

Mercado del Comité del Pueblo
Fco. Endara y Rodríguez

Mercado Carapungo
Calle G y Calle B5

El Tingo
Parroquia El Tingo

Mercado El Quinche
Panamericana y Cayambe

Mercado San Diego
Imbabura y Chimborazo
Tel: (02) 2 814 402

Mercado de Solanda
Bonifacio Aguilar y Juan Barreiro
Tel: (02) 2 731 524

Mercado Las Cuadras
Matilde Alvarez y Mariscal Sucre
Tel: (02) 2 632 922

Mercado Toctiuco
Cevallos y Alvarez Cuellar

Mercado Guayllabamba
Simón Bolívar y Puruhanta

Mercado de Pifo
Fernández y Fco. Orellana

Mercado de Pomasqui
Manuel C. Galarza y Sucre

Mercado de San Antonio de Pichincha
13 de Julio e Intillán

Mercado de Tumbaco
Panamericana y Juan Montalvo

Mercado de Yaruquí
Espejo y Panamericana

Mercado El Arenal
Panamericana y Calle s/n

Mercado Amaguaña
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