Quito Ecuador real estate market quide, if you need to rent or buy a house, department or offices in Quito Ecuador read this useful real estate guide to Quito Ecuador, prices, best places, tips for contracts and more

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Apartments and Houses

Quito: Getting Located

High in the Andes, Quito is a city surrounded by valleys and mountains, an ideal place to live. On a clear day, the unique and profound shade of blue in the sky and views of the nearby snowy giants are breathtaking.

Geographically, Quito is a city nestled into a long, narrow valley between the impressive (and still active!) volcano El Pichincha to the west and the valleys of Cumbaya, Tumbaco and Los Chillos to the East. It is approximately 17 km long and 4 km wide.

Quito is considered one of the most beautiful Latin-American capital cities for its natural and historic setting. For example, on sunny mornings you may glimpse the volcanos Cotopaxi, Cayambe, Pichincha and snow-covered peaks such as Antisana, the Illinizas, Corazón, Rumiñahui, Sincholagua, and Pasochoa - all within an area less than 100 km in diameter.

Quito is well-connected to the rest of Ecuador by road, and its central location makes access to the Pacific Coast and the Oriente easy, as well as excursions to other parts of the Sierra region.

Its beautiful historial center contains exquisite colonial architecture and churches, and in 1978 it was declared Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad by UNESCO . In addition, Quito has a number of artistic and cultural activities (such as museums, plays, films, & concerts) that makes life here an enlightening experience a

Quito is divided in three parts:

The Old City or Centro Histórico , is the city's heart. The Old City's classic landmark is el Panecillo ("little bread loaf"), the hill that is crowned by the beautiful Virgen de Quito statue, a figure unique to the Quito school of colonial art.

The South of the Old City, the city has expanded rapidly in recent years. This zone is generally a poorer, working-class and an industrial sector.

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Quito Moderno , the modern, 21 st century Quito filled with banks, big buildings, and ritzy shopping centers is located to the north of the Old City. The middle and upper class residential areas are also in the northern part of Quito. The city's development is reaching forever futher north (towards the village of Mitad del Mundo) as well as to the east in the valleys of Tumbaco, Cumbaya and Los Chillos, which are becoming prime upper-class residential sectors outside of the urban bustle.

The Mariscal is an entertainment district and business district and is an area that contains many tourist services, including shopping for artesanías, spanish schools, dancing schools, restaurants, hotels etc. It is located along Av. Amazonas from Av. Patria to Av. Orellana.

There are four large parks that are highly used by citizens: El Ejido, La Alameda, La Carolina y El Parque Metropolitano. La Carolina is quite large and generally thronging with joggers, soccer, volleyball and basketball games, while the Parque Metropolitano, located behind the Estadio Atahualpa, is reportedly the largest urban park in Latin America, and is a more undisturbed site to play sports or get fresh air.

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Renting/Buying Apartments for Travellers/Business people in Quito Ecuador

Many travellers decide to live in Quito for several months, whether they are travelling for business or for pleasure. They may even stay years, eventually making Quito their home. Depending on the situation (the purpose of the trip and the length of stay in the city), visitors have a variety of lodging choices, ranging from luxury furnished apartments rented by the week or month to a regular house or apartment (for sale or rent) or boarding houses.

For a traveller who plans to stay more than 45 days in Quito, it may prove economical and convenient to rent an apartment in the north of the city (the safest and most easily navigable area). The most desirable area for either an apartment or a house, based on the criteria of price, safety and convenience, is found between Av. Orellana to the south, Av. Eloy Alfaro to the east, Av. América to the west and Av. El Inca to the north.

Depending on the amenities you want, prices can range from extremely affordable to very expensive. On the average, however, housing is much cheaper than in an American metropolis. It is also relatively easy to enter the market on your own or with a realtor's help. The average price for a 200 m2 apartment in this zone with features like cable TV, phone line, electricity and running water is generally between $300 to $500 per month. A family who requires more space may pay between $700-800 monthly.

Cheaper apartments with less amenities are available, including furnished apartments, and sharing an apartment of course can dramatically lower the cost. Telephone, internet access, water and other utilities are paid separately. The average combined cost of basic utilities like these is between $120 and $200 monthly without furniture.

The average price per square meter for the sale of a house or apartment can vary considerably, but generally in the zone described above is no less than $400 per square meter. In the newer sectors and valleys, the value ranges between $200 and $400 per square meter.

Before house or apartment-hunting, ask yourself: what is my price range? What amenities are essential for me and which can I do without? Where do I want to be located (for convenient transportation and easy access to services)? The good news is, there are tons of available houses and apartments in Quito. Chances are, what you want is out there.

When actually checking out places, assure yourself of the quality of hot water access (how is the water heated? How long can you use it before it runs out?) and building security. Many fancier apartment or housing complexes have full-time security guards, which will usually raise the price of rent for the added security.

Renting/Buying Office Space in Quito Ecuador

If you are a businessman or company seeking to establish offices in Quito, the city has a good infrastructure for business, with wide streets, modern office buildings, convention centers and so on. The most recommended areas for establishment of a commercial office are:

  • Av. República del Salvador, excellent offices with good value near the heart of the New Ecuadorian Economy with easy access and practical service coverage.
  • Av. De los Shyris & 6 de Diciembre, main North-South lifelines of the city with easy access and lots of infrastructure.
  • Av. Amazonas, between Av. Gaspar de Villaroel and Av. Orellana. The heart of the national banking system is in this sector, along with exposition and events centers.
  • Av. Naciones Unidas. Banking and commercial sector, close to shopping and entertainment centers.
  • Av Eloy Alfaro, high-mobility sector with easy installation of offices, one of the most "hip" sectors of the city.
  • Av. 12 de Octubre, between Hotel Quito and Veintimilla, commercial and touristic zone with many services, close to state and other important organizations.

The average monthly rent for a 6-7 person office of approx. 100 m 2 varies between $500 and $1000, with telephone, dues, electricity and so on paid separately (approx. $250-300 per month)

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