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Moving To Quito


Residence Visa in Quito Ecuador

To get a residence visa, you will have to follow the process given by your embassy and the National Direction of Migration, which regulates entrance and stay of people in Ecuador. For greater details on these processes, visit the section on Visas and migration processes.

Drivers Licenses and Permissions to Transit in Quito

The urban growth of Quito makes owning car an essential way to mobilize yourself without problems. If you have a license from your country, you can drive in Ecuador without any problems for 30 days, but then you must get an Ecuadorian license, which you must take a simple test of the driving laws. The only difference in Ecuador is that you must be at least 18 years of age.

The other rules are universal and you will not have problems driving in Quito. You just have to buy a new or used car in good condition. The ease of buying and selling make having an automobile accessible and economic.

If you do not have a license, the only official conduction school in Ecuador is the Automobile Club of Ecuador (ANETA). You must follow the conduction course of 15 driving hours and another 15 hours on transit laws, mechanics and first aid to receive your temporary permission and then your driver's license.

Quito has clear driving laws, but unlike other countries of the world, laws are not strictly enforced, so you must drive with utmost precaution. Aggressive drivers may cause an accident at any time. Similarly, the laws for pedestrians exist but not enforced or obeyed. Be careful for people crossing the streets anywhere.

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Take precaution with:

  1. Buses, trucks and large Pick up trucks.
  2. There aren't any bicycles lanes, so keep you eyes peeled.
  3. Be alert at stoplights, many drivers speed up to cross a yellow light instead of slowing down. Wait for the green light before advancing.
  4. Avoid driving late at night on desolate streets or large avenues. Robberies are frequent at these hours.
  5. After midnight you are allowed to ignore traffic lights as long as you are careful when crossing the street.
  6. The traffic is heaviest from Monday to Friday from 8:00-10:00/13:00-14:00/17:00-19:00. Avoid these hours if you want to avoid traffic jams.
    When on the highway, be careful with people and cattle crossing.


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Buying a Car in Quito

Here is a listing of the main car patios in Quito, selling the most well known automobiles in the country:

Alvarez Barba S.A - Porsche & BMW
Av. 10 de Agosto N51-97 & Algarrobos
Phone: (02) 2 410 760

Chrysler Jeep Automotriz del Ecuador
Av. 10 de Agosto N58-98 & Luis Tufiño
Phone: (02) 2 475 246

Automotores y Anexos - Nissan, Renault, Pirelly & Cyclo
Av. Orellana E2-30 & 10 de Agosto
Phone: (02) 2222740

Ecua-Wagen S.A. - VW & Audi
Av. De los Granados between 6 de Dibiembre & Eloy Alfaro
Phone: (02) 2 264 603/ Free 1800 ECUAWAGEN

Recordmotor - Honda
Av. El Inca E214 entre Amazonas & 10 de Agosto
Phone: (02) 2 276 858

Motransa - Mitsubishi
Av. 10 de Agosto #6398 (Sector La Y)
Phone: (02) 2 430 777

Ecua-Auto S.A. - Chevrolet
Panamericana Norte Km. 4 ½
Phone: (02) 2 473 328/ Free 1800 ECUAUTO

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