To do business on personal name or for a company, The ecuadorian IRS is very basic, read how to get it and how to invest in Ecuador, also for moving the electronic stores listed are good options

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How to obtain Unique Registry of Contributors (RUC) for business and persons in Ecuador IRS

Is the departure point for the process of the tributary administration in Ecuador. The RUC constitutes of a number of identification of all the natural people and societies that are subject of tributary obligations. Through the certificate of the RUC (inscription document), the contributor is in capacity to suitably know their tributary obligations.

The natural people or societies, have two initial obligations with the Service of Internal Rent :

  1. To obtain the Unique Registry of Contributors, unique document that describes and enables you to legally carry out commercial transactions.
  2. The contributors must register themselves to the RUC within thirty working days from beginning their activities.
  3. To update the RUC with any changes from the original data. The contributor will have to make these updates within the thirty working days from the date of the change.

All the proceedings related to the RUC are made exclusively in the offices of the Service of Rents (SRI). The direction in Quito is:

Servicio de Rentas Internas
Páez 655 & Ramírez Dávalos
Phone: (02) 2 909 333

Pedro Vicente Maldonado S16-56 y Pusir
Phone: (02) 2675-130/ 2911-808/ 291- 429/ 2911-097

More Quito Information

García Moreno & Sucre
Phone: (02) 2 582 284

Center 2
Salinas y Santiago, Edif. Alambra
Phone: (02) 2 551 149/ 2 545 141/ 2 908 568

Santo Domingo de los Colorados
Ave. 29 de Mayo y San Miguel s/n
Phone: (02) 2 750 204/ 2 753 717/ 2 753 718

Natural People and Foreigners

When it has to do with natural people all related to the Registry of Contributors all proceedings must be done personally by the contributor. If the contributor of the RUC cannot approach personally you may do it through a third person, in this case the person who does it to there name must present the established requirements or demonstrate granted power by the person of the RUC and the original and copy of the identification card.

Natural people are classified as:

  1. Ecuadorian
  2. Foreign residents
  3. Nonresident foreigners.
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Requirements for the RUC

1 Identification of the Contributor

Foreign resident:

  1. Original and copy of cedula (ID card)

If you do not have a cedula, you'll need an original and copy of the passport with valid visa 10 with following categories: I - II - IV - V - VII.

For the case in that the contributor needs a visa 10-III, you must request the original and copy of the document sent by the MICIP in which it authorizes to make investment.

Nonresident foreigners:

  1. Original and copy of the passport with sheets of identification
  2. Visa 12 with valid categories: VI - IX - XI.


Original and copies of the credentials given by the Ministry of Foreign Relations where it indicates that "the carrier is committed to obey the internal laws of the country as stated in the effective agreements subscribed by the country and not to participate in political activities. The carrier of the document is holder of a visa 12-IV type and can work and get paid in Ecuador, or under contract or independently and does not need an occupational card from the Ministry of Work ".

2 Verification of the address and the establishments where you hold your economic activity

Original and copies of anyone of following documents:

Electrical, telephone or water bill or rental contract stamped by a judge. The bill must be from the previous month before the date of inscription. The rental contract must be currently valid at the time of inscription.

3 Additional Documents:

According to the characteristic of the contributor one will have to enclose in addition: Diplomats: copy of the credential of a diplomatic agent

Investing in Ecuador

To invest in Ecuador, is an excellent option, because of the dollarization the economy is more stable and the rates of inflation have been reduced considerably.

Within the Categories of Immigration of the Law of Foreigners, exist numbers in which consist possible investors and the requirements that will have to be fulfilled.

For information on the companies in Ecuador , contact: Supervision of Companies
Roca 660 y Amazonas, 9th floor
Phone: (02) 2 541 606

Electronics and Furniture

Finally, in your new home, your need for Electronics and furniture is the last step to complete your move to Ecuador. Here is a list of the most prestigious stores to buy these items:


Muebles Decormueble
Ave. 6 de Diciembre 2061 & Colón
Phone: (02) 2 543 272, (02) 2 921 638

Muebles Scandia
Ave. Eloy Alfaro 2034 between Suiza & 6 de Diciembre
Phone: (02) 2 261 681/ (02) 2 453 203
Mobile: (09) 8 139 960

Ave. De los Shyris 2110 & la Tierra
Phone: (02) 2 436 613

Ave. República 1515 & Inglaterra
Phone : (02) 2 247 267

Legacy Classic Muebles
Ave. De los Shyris N36-208 (1608) & Naciones Unidas
Phone: (02) 2 249 675

Muebles Artefer
Ave. 6 de Diciembre 3541 & Eloy Alfaro
Phone: (02) 2 521 978

La Galería del Mueble
C.C. El Bosque frente a Entrance 1
Phone: (02) 2 467 905

Native Muebles
Ave. Eloy Alfaro 1500 & De los Shyris
Phone: (02) 2 501 914

De las Uvas E12-70 & Ave. Eloy Alfaro
Phone : (02) 2 410 846/ 2 441 215
Mall El Jardín: Tel: (02) 2 980 030 / 2 980 034 / 2 980 038
Centro Comercial El Bosque : Tel: (02) 2 441 215 / 2 441 216 /
2 441 217 / 2 441 218


LG Electronics
Ave. Amazonas y Rumipamba s/n. Edif. Torre Carolina
Phone: (02) 2 261 290/ 2 271 490
Free: 1-800 54 54 54

Electrolux C.A.
Calle de los Aceitunos E7-211 & Ave. Eloy Alfaro
Phone : (02) 2 474 777

Lux Ecuador S.A.
Rumipamba 837 y Ave. República
Phone: (02) 2 263 810
Free: 1-800 73 78 45

Almacenes Japón
Panamericana Norte 6060 & Santa Lucía
Tel: (02) 2 800 526

Créditos Económicos
Guayaquil N11-111 & Caldas
Phone: (02) 2283 059/ 2955 841/ 2952 397

Orve Hogar
Ave. Naciones Unidas & Amazonas
Phone: (02) 2 269 916

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