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College and Universities in Quito


There is a greater variety of universities. The two universities that offer more services for foreign students are the University San Francisco of Quito, USFQ (Cumbaya) and the Catholic University of Ecuador or PUCE (12th of October and Patria).

To register, foreign citizens need the appropriate visa, secondary school certificate and employment certificate.

The study length of each career varies in each university. Inquire ahead of time about the time of studies.

The universities offer different types of studies. For example, the PUCE offers the Inter-American Training program that coordinates the knowledge of different faculties to obtain answers to current problems. For this program it is required to have an approved 2 years of studies in any faculty or university, knowledge in Spanish and English and completed 24 credits designated by the program.

Universities also offer Spanish courses and the opportunity to participate freely in the classes, if you are an exchange student.

Here is a directory of the main universities of Quito, where you can choose the one that meets your professional development.

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Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Ave. 12 de Octubre 1070 & Roca
Phone: (02) 2 565 627/ 2 991 700
Website: www.puce.edu.ec

Universidad de las Américas UDLA
Ave. Colón E9-241 & 6 de Diciembre
Phone: (02) 2 555 735
Email: adminision@uamericas.edu.ec
Website: www.uamericas.edu.ec

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Universidad Internacional SEK
Plaza Monasterio de Guápulo
Phone: (02) 2 225 972

Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Ave. Interoceánica & Jardines del Este (Cumbayá)
Phone: (02) 2 895 723/ 2 894 180
Website: Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Universidad Central del Ecuador
Ave. América (Indoamérica)
Phone: (02) 2 521 500/ 2 904 799
Website: Universidad Central del Ecuador

Universidad Internacional del Ecuador
Ave. Simón Bolivar, Collacoto
Phone: (02) 2 985600/ 2 985666
Website: Universidad Internacional del Ecuador

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