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Research Institutes in Quito


The centers of social research in Quito are found with the ONG's and different organizations that promote contained development.

Most of these centers are in Quito. Some have a national reach, others are just limited to the province and others are exclusive to Quito.

The advantage of these types of centers is that they specialize in the investigation of specific fields, like the maintained development or promotion of investigation in culture, history, communication, etc.

The moment that a visitor arrives in Quito, with the objective of entering one of these centers, it is recommended to have already made contact with them.

If you are not familiar with an organization in the field your looking for, the Banco Solidario, located on the Amazon avenue, in front of the CCI shopping center, lists the Social Organizations for Development, done by the Information system of Social Groups (SIOS).
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This list has detailed information on all the social research centers, with its respective address and field of work.

Some of these centers are:

  2. Afro-ecuadorian community
  3. Regional development
  4. Research about health and nutrition( Studies and investigation in health and nutrition)
  5. Study and social diffusion
  6. Latin American diffusion of studies and technical attendance

These centers are in charge of courses, workshops, libraries, investigative support, contact with other research centers, cultural promotion, vacation courses, organization of projects, etc.

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Other centers as FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales) has big research projects in a wide variety of human sciences, like sustainable development, economy, and other areas, with good contacts into an outside Ecuador government.
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