Quito High schools and primary centers, if your company has move you to a job in Ecuador , this a god guide for an school for your childs, read some good advices and options.

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High Schools in Quito


Quito has many of the main educational institutions of the country. Some of these institutions are called international because of their association with other countries.

The school period in Quito lasts for nine months, divided in three trimesters that generally begin in September and finish in July. Schools are either public, municipal or private. Schools with international relations are private.

The main schools in Quito with international agreements are: Americano of Quito (Carcelén, north of Quito), Albert Einstein (Carcelén), Colegio Alemán (San Patricio, Cumbaya '), American Alliance (Villalengua 187), Cotopaxi Academy (De las Higuerillas and Alondras, Monteserrín), among other schools.
Quito has excellent primary and secondary educational institutions for your children.

Many of them offer classes in English, German and French and use the same teaching methods that are used in American and European schools.

Contact these schools and find the appropriate school for your children.
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Schools in Quito

Colegio Alberto Einstein
Ave. Diego de Vázquez Km 41/2
Phone: (02) 2 477 901/ 943
Email: einstein@einstein.k12.ec

Colegio Alemán
San Patricio entrance to Lumbisí (Cumbayá)
Phone: (02) 2 894 733/ 734/ 736

Colegio Americano de Quito
Phone: (02) 2 472 975/ 2 477 533/ 2 477 534

More Quito Information

Colegio de Liga
Urbanización La Pampa - Pomasquí
Phone: (02) 2 351 057/ 2 351 081

Colegio Internacional SEK
Carmen Olmo Mancebo & Carlos Arco Franco
Phone: (02) 2 401 896

Colegio Antisana
Ave. Occidental 5329
Phone: (02) 2 251 771

Colegio La Condamine
Japón N37-262 & Ave. Naciones Unidas
Phone: (02) 2 921 090

Colegio Menor San Francisco de Quito
Phone: (02) 2 896 472

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