Guide to spanish schools in Quito, schedules, seasons, prices, quality and more, read more to plan your spanish learning program in Quito Ecuador with the best options and ensuring the quality of the spanish classes in Quito Ecuador

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Guide to Spanish Schools in Quito


Once in Quito, one of the best ways to enjoy everything that the city has to offer is to know the language.

The official language of Ecuador is Spanish and in Quito there is no lack of Spanish Schools for our international visitors

Most of these schools are located on Amazonas Ave. The advantage of this location is that it is in the center of the tourist area of the city. It is close to everything: restaurants, cafés, malls, universities, schools, bars, discotheques, etc.

Each institution uses different teaching methods. Most people who want to learn Spanish are tourist or foreign students with tight schedules, so most schools have flexible and adaptable schedules depending on the necessities of the student.
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Other services that the Spanish schools offer are personal classes, in your home, using audio-visual methods, organized tours to interesting sites and also offer family lodging for foreign students.

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Prices vary between the different institutions. The approximate cost for a class is $4 dollars per hour. Some schools have additional costs like admission fee, trips and material.

Some of the Spanish schools in Quito are: Ana's Home, APF, Indoamérica, Simon Bolivar, San Francisco, etc. The Catholic University offers Spanish classes in their faculty of Linguistics and Communication. The San Francisco University also gives Spanish classes to its students.


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