Quito Teleferico, the most new atracction near Quito, located in Cruz Loma hill in Pichincha Volcano, The Telefrico climbs from 2850 meters to 4050 meters above sea level (aprox.) in just 5 minutes, the Quito view surrounded with 11 volcanoes and peaks make it and incredible landscape.

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Quito Teleferico


The Teleferico is the brand new tourist attraction of Quito. The Teleferico is built over an area of 160 hectares in the skirts of the Pichincha and the summit of Cruz Loma. It has different services that include an amusement park, shopping center, food court, exclusive restaurants, handicraft stores, go car track, coffee shops, horseback riding and a nightclub. In a second phase of the construction there will be a hotel, a spa, a movie theater complex, a botanic garden and a bird watching area.

It's biggest attraction it is the Teleferico itself, which gives to every visitor a spectacular view of the city and its surroundings including more than 14 peaks of the Andes that is called the Volcanoes Avenue. The Teleferico reaches 4 050 meters on the summit of Cruz Loma.

Technical Information:

  1. French technology from the company Poma.
  2. 18 cabins with a capacity for 6 people.
  3. The route takes around 8 to 10 minutes and covers a distance of 2500 meters.
  4. The Teleferico raises from 2 950 meters up to 4 050 meters.
  5. 2 cargo cabins
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Las Cumbres Shopping Center
A commercial area designed for the recreation and amusement of the family. It will have 44 stores that will include clothes, handicrafts, candy, gifts, entertainment and more. In the second phase there will be a movie theater complex with 5 cinema rooms with a capacity for 150 and 180 people.

Vulqano Park
This amusement park is the first and only fixed park of mechanical attractions in Quito, with top technology. It possesses approximately 30 mechanical attractions for the recreation of the visitors.

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Mundo Kart
This is a go car track with a distance of 450 meters. It has 8 individual karts, 4 double karts and 3 child karts.

This area is built under a traditional concept with rustic details own of Ecuador. In it you can find many different cultural expressions like music, theater, dancing, folkloric groups and more. Here you can find the diversity in handicrafts from jewels, leather handicrafts, ceramics, fabrics and much more.

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