Antisana Volcano is located 1 hour from Quito to the east, the snow capped Antisana Volcano in a very hard mountain to be climbed for weather conditions, read more about Antisana Volcano in Ecuador.

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Antisana Volcano Ecological Reserve


125.000 hectares
Altitude Range:
1.200 - 5.758 meters.

The Antisana Ecological Reserve it's located in the oriental slope of the Andes Mountain Range. The Antisana Volcano with its 5 728 meters is one of the most important volcanoes in the Andes. The region includes the high river basins of the rivers Coca and Napo that flows through the North and Southeast.

The Antisana Ecological Reserve was created in July of 1993, it is considered as a corridor or nexus between the Ecological Reserve of Cayambe-Coca and the Sumaco Napo Galeras National Park. These three areas conform one of the warmest areas in Ecuador and possess an enormous biodiversity.

A historic review, the spanish expedition who discover the Amazon river, start their expedition crossing the Andes to Amazon rainforest beside the Antisana Volcano, 400 years ago imagine crossing the cold paramo and then into the Amazon rainforest with horses (at that time no roads are open to Amazon rain forest) with helmets and all the stuff, incredible right.

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The Guacamayos mountain range it's considered one of the most important zones of biodiversity of the reserve. There are found different species of flora and fauna like condors, foxes, hummingbirds and more.

The Antisana Ecological Reserve is located in a "hot spots" (high biodiversity concentration) considered for Ecuador by the WWF. The Papallacta hot springs and its lagoon are some of the main tourist attractions of the area.

How to get to the Antisana Ecological Reserve?

To get to the Antisana Ecological Reserve you have to take the Interoceanica Highway in direction to Pifo and then take the road that goes to Papallacta. Close to Papallacta you will find some signs that will lead you to the Reserve. Is very recommended to require a "pass" to Antisana Foundation who take care of reserve, below you find their information. In the same way is strongly recommended to be guided by a high mountain guide who nows the area, because their extension is very to visitors to get lost in the Antisana Volcano paramos.

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